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Pennsylvania Pure Maple Syrup  


Maple Season - 2000

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The sugar shack - a 10' x 12' lean-to.  Complete with sap storage at the back and cement block foundation.  The arch was constructed of rocks, with dirt on top.

Close up of the twin 34" square evaporator pans (16 gage).  This was a two stage system, with the upper pan getting the fresh sap by the bucket full.  Once boiling, there was a valve that allowed it to drain into the lower pan.  The front pan had a draw off valve, but it could only be done when there was no fire or it would burn the syrup.

The "Sugarbush" which consisted of around 100 taps in about 2 acres of land.

Anothe view of the sugarbush.  All lines led directly to the shack.  (Beats the previous years of hauling and dumping)