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Maple Season - 2003

Syrup Season 2003:

The moment we all waited for...the first fire in the new evaporator.  Lost of learning to go on this one, no sitting on your rear and watching things go...this would need constant attention.

More wood...more wood!!!

Can you see me now?  Had no idea it would be like a sauna, but it sounded neat!  Watch out for the leaping sap...it burns.

Wasn't as easly or care free as I expected, but I was learning.  Seened to take forever to get things far enough to raise that draw off thermometer off the Zero mark.

The first syrup from the new rig.  An amazing process.


Here is the entry point of the sap.  Since this evaporator was drop flue, this controlled the level of sap and syrup in the entire evaporator.

A few trees in the sugarbush close to the house.

A close up view of a 5/16" Plastic Spile and drop line entering a 1/2" mainline.