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Building a Piggy Back Pan for the Evaporator

Since my father had a connection to get laser cut stainless, I spent lots of time designing a pan that utilized steam tubes and air injection of sap to gain more efficiency from the evaporator


Here are all the parts, minus the stainless pipe and fittings. 

In Process, tough going figuring out how to tig weld and doing a fairly technical project.  Major frustration to say the least!


More progress, getting there on the top side.  I'm having serious vision problems after fighting with the helmet.  My auto darkening one does not always pick up the weld arc, and gives some flashing.  Therefore, I had to go to the traditional helmet with a lesser lense so I can see to position.  I also have no foot control.

Finally finished with the main body of the pan.  I have these fins on the bottom to help catch drippings and route them to the outer ring, where I draw them off as pure water.

I am still sourcing a high pressure air pump along with gettin the copper for the preheater and air injection.  Hope to finish this in the fall of 2015.